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Flagship investment projects


Alto Maipo HPP is located on the Maipo river. The project started in December 2013. It includes 2 run-of-river hydropower plants: Alfalfal II and Las Lajas, arranged in hydraulic series, for which a 67-km tunnel was constructed. Total installed capacity of both HPPs is 531 MW (264-MW Alfalfal and 267-MW Las Lajas). The project will not affect neither economic nor recreational activities in the region. Owner: AES GENER Cost of Works: $ 578m Project status: under construction. Expected to be commissioned in 2019 Engineering services: Poyry (Finland-based international consulting and engineering)


In 2017 it was planned to conduct a feasibility study for the construction of Porvenir 2 HPP with the installed capacity of 352 MW. The project will be implemented on the Samana river. It is planned to install 2 Francis turbines with the capacity of 176 MW, as well as to build a substation and transmission lines. The commissioning is scheduled for 2020. Developer: Celsia Investment: US $800m Project status: feasibility, search for contractors and suppliers of electromechanical equipment. Expected date of completion is 2020


Evo Morales, President, announced that El Bala and Chepete projects in La Paz are capable to generate 3.674 MW of electricity. In this regard, it was decided to elaborate the final design of the project. The project, whose works would begin in 2018, provides for the construction of 2 dams. The cost of this mega-project is estimated at almost 7.100 million euros. Project status: preparation of documents Project lead time is 2017-2025


Construction of 2 hydroelectric complexes valued at $100m is planned in the southern Peru. Expected capacity of both hydropower plants is 42 MW. The complex comprises Moquegua HPP 1 and 3 ($90m) with the capacity of 32.8 MW in Tarata and 9.6 MW Aricota 3 HPP located in Yabaya region. The construction is scheduled for completion in 2019. Developer: Tacna (Peru-based company of Generacion Electrica del Sur SA) (EGESUR) Project status: EGESUR informs that Aricota 3 is expected to be completed in 2019, Moguequa is in process of environmental permitting.


The construction of a hydropower plant will commence in 2020, finalise - in February 2025. The HPP will be located in the Bocas del Toro province. It is planned to install at least 2 turbines. Besides, it is planned to build access roads, a substation, and transmission lines. Expected capacity is 224 MW. Current status: environmental evaluation Lead time: 2017-2025 Investment: US $1,05bn AES Panama expressed interest in operating the project Project lead time: not defined


The governments of Argentina and Paraguay intend to invest $665m in the construction of a new hydroelectric complex with the capacity of 270 MW. The project initiator evaluates the offers for the provision of civil and electromechanical works. It is expected that the construction will take 4 years to complete. Project stage: provision of electromechanical equipment and civil works Contractor: not defined


The El Baqueano (190 MW) and Cordón del Plata (1,100 MW) will be constructed on the Diamante and Mendoza rivers respectively. El Baqueano will feature a reservoir and a generation station. Cordon del Planta will feature three dams and five power plants. A 190-MW HPPs are at the early-development stage. The project will be implemented in the province of Mendoza. Developer: Emesa and Ebisa


The Potrero del Clavillo complex is a hydroelectric development project that would be located between the provinces of Tucumán and Catamarca. Execution of this project was scheduled for 2017. Investment: $1bn. The project comprises 2 phases, the first one is ready to tender. Project status: design and engineering Lead time: 2017 — ...


Construction of a small hydropower plant with the capacity of 13 MW. Project owner is Central Geradora Hidrelectrica Forquilha Ltda. Investment: $74m Contractors: Creral de Erechim, Coprel de Ibirubб, Ceriluz de Ijuн and Erechim Current stage: environmental license is obtained; the work begins in the first half of 2018.


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