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Colombia: Planes for Hydroelectric plants in Caquetá

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Source: Lanacion.com 9/27/2019

There are currently several energy projects that are planned to be executed in the Colombian Amazon region, with direct socio-environmental impacts in Caquetá.

Of the nine countries that make up the Amazon rainforest, Colombia is the only one that has not built dams or hydroelectric plants in its portion of the Amazon. A record that could be broken in Caquetá, where there are at least three interested companies.

There is a project to build two hydroelectric plants on the San Pedro and Guayas rivers; Interested companies are Latinco S.A., Universal Stream S.A.S. and Isagen, although projects with communities have not yet been socialized.

The most popular project is the Tulpas hydroelectric power plant, on the sidewalks of Victoria Alta and Victoria Baja, of the company Latinco S.A., with headquarters in Medellín, and known for hydroelectric projects such as El Edén, in Manzanares, Caldas; o El Cocuyo in Versailles, Valle del Cauca, and has been announcing the work in Caquetá since 2015. That same year, the Corporation for Sustainable Development of the South of the Amazon (Corpoamazonía) granted an environmental license for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant.

The second project is Puerto Rico, the competition for the Guayas River, has three alternatives: Build a tunnel reservoir and flood 400 hectares in three sections; make a wall of 130 meters to build a dam that will flood 950 hectares. The project would generate an energy capacity of 648 MW; or divert the course of the river and make an underground tunnel with a manhole and a machine house (a model similar to the one that would be used in Tulpas).

In relation to other projects such as El Quimbo or Hidroituango, the hydroelectric plants that are planned to be built in Caquetá are smaller. Specifically, according to the classification established by the Ministry of Mines, both Tulpas and Guayas have the size of “hydroelectric plants” because their installed capacity would exceed 20 MW

In Puerto Rico there have been at least two companies interested in hydroelectric construction: Isagen and Universal Stream, a Pereira-based company that also studies the construction of some hydroelectric projects in Quindío.

Isagen, has two projects in Caquetá; both suspended: the Andaquí hydroelectric project, and the La Luz hydroelectric project.


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